How it Works?

The SMARTROOF® - Openable Roofing system comprise an array of specially designed motorized aluminium louvers. It converts from a solid roof to an open louvre structure to suit prevailing weather conditions. The SMARTROOF® Louvres rotate through 180 degrees by use of a small 12 volt DC motor which provides touch-button convenience.

The motor is powered by a small transformer which plugs into a standard domestic outlet, or is powered by a rechargeable battery. Multiple switches can be provided to give control from different rooms or locations. Hand-held remote controls are available as well as automatic rain sensors that close the louvres when rain commences and reopen when the sensor dries out.

When closed the SMARTROOF® Louvres form a water tight seal to keep out rain. The louvres are powder coated or anodised to match building colours, and give years of trouble free service.

The extruded louvres have been designed to be sized to any length up to 3600 mm to suit any size project The louvre has a SLIMLINE profile so that it fits

unobtrusively into the frame work and allows maximum light through when required. Pivot pins are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel or structural grade aluminium. Motor gearing is also 316 marine grade stainless steel.

  • Louvres Closed
  • Open to Any Angle
  • Fully Rotated

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